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- Karen & Jeff Allen

Visit our store and purchase your membership card, today!

Cards are only available until September 30, 2016

This won't be offered again until next year. Don't miss out!


Similar to a CSA, it is a community-scale investment in our local food system.


​By investing in the Harvest Club, Members will get more local food and home products for their money. Old Barn Hollow will receive the financing it needs to bring in more products for the Fall & Holidays seasons and purchase new refrigeration equipment to expand our available inventory. So, you get a significant discount and help us with the high costs of adding new inventory to our store. It is a WIN, WIN!


​Almost anything in the store!*  Meat, Gluten Free Goodies, Veggies, Milk, Eggs, Soaps, & MORE!

* Not redeemable for goods ordered from Wholeshare,  CSA shares, Holiday Turkeys, or Bulk Meat Bundles.

How does it work?

Think of it as a pre-paid discount card. To join, visit our store at 214 State Street in Downtown Binghamton and purchase a membership card by September 30, 2016. Your card will become valid October 1, 2016.  Membership cards start at $50. Every time you use your card, we will deduct the cost of your purchase from the membership card and give you a 10% discount off your total purchase. Once your card has used all the available funds, your membership for this season is finished.  Your card will never expire. 

For example: Johnny Locavore purchases a membership card in September for $100. When he visits our store in October, he uses his card to purchase jam and maple syrup. After receiving 10% of his purchase his total purchase is $40. The $40 will be deducted from his card, leaving him with a $60 balance on his card. On his next visit, again Johnny uses his card, saves 10%, and has a purchase total of $60.  The $60 is deducted from the card leaving Johnny with a $0.00 balance. Johnny's membership is now finished for the season and will no longer receive the membership discounts.

So the more money you put on your card, the longer your membership will last, and the more money you will save! The minimum to purchase a membership card is $50, but you can put as much as you want on your card. You can put all the money on to your card at once or weekly until the end of September 2016. It is up to you!

Consider what you would normally spend on groceries in a month, two months, a year? This is what you should consider putting on your card and then start saving 10% on all your purchases! This is a limited time offer. All cards must be purchased by September 30, 2016. This won't be offered again until next year. Don't miss out!

Harvest Club

Join and receive 10% off

your purchases!

Free parking available  in our lot next to the store!

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214 State Street   Downtown Binghamton, NY